The product and the producer themselves are often assessed on the basis of an attractive packaging, among others. The rating depends on visual, structural and functional values. We offer you our shape boxes made of cardboard or solid cardboard, optionally covered with print and other type of refinement.

We can extract the following variants of boxes:

gray cardboard with black print – ecological version but providing all relevant information  

whitewash cardboard with black or colored print – stands out among gray packaging while still maintaining an ecologically and semi-streaky look, the print will give the box a touch of elegance.

gray cardboard covered with a full -cork print – allows the use of the most complex graphic designs on the surface of the box and adding many variations to them.  

exclusive different gift made of solid hardboard covered with individual complicated print without visible connection points or cardboard cross-section, fully folded, moreover the possibility of many refinements or additions (magnets, press studs, velcro, ribbons, pan / sponge inserts)

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